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Organising your business

Organizing your business is all about the “Why” and the “What”. Why are you in the business you’re in? What did you set out to achieve? What do you primarily need to improve?

Having a detailed answer on these type of questions will provide your business with a clear direction and objective, giving you the focus you need on making the right choices to organize your business and keeping it organized.

Running your business

Running your business is all about the “How”. How will you actually execute your activities, produce your goods or perform your services? How will you monitor that you actually performing well ?

To answer these questions, you need insights, knowledge and actionable solutions in order to make sure that how you do things is efficient, effective and goal driven.

The human factor

No business can thrive without people so this is all about the “Who”. Who are your employees, partners and customers? Do you really know what makes them tick?

Understanding the people you work with, will allow you to make the most of your collaboration with them and foster motivation, satisfaction and loyalty.

How we work


Consulting is all about providing you with the insights, guidance and advice that you require to answers your questions and help you overcome your challenges.

We bring our knowledge and expertise so that, together, we can come up with the answers you are looking for on specific topics.


Coaching is all about providing you with personalised support to help you get to the next level. Coaching is inherently a 1-on-1 relation where we can provide you with insights, tips and guidance to tackle personal challenges and do things differently in order to achieve different results.

With your coach you will focus on applying small changes in behaviour, communication or actions in order to make a big difference in perception, understanding and results.


Training is all about addressing urgent needs to understand and know how to perform the required task. Although training can be on general topics, we believe it needs to be personalised, pragmatic and hands-on in order to achieve maximum effect.

For long-lasting effects, training is ideally short & quick and followed by a series of coaching sessions. This will ensure that people not only have the required knowledge but also know how to apply it (Acquire – Absorb – Apply).

Who we are

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Sometimes, things need to be shaken up or are in need of strong gust of wind to clean out the cobwebs and make place for new and fresh ideas. A storm can be a powerful friend, if applied correctly. That is why you can create some disturbance and movement as long as it is controlled and serves a clear purpose.

We are BluStorm: a controlled and purposeful friend that will help you achieve the desired change to get different results. We will provide you with insights not only to help you understand your current situation but also insights that will support you in reaching your desired state. We promise you that these insights will excite and motivate you and your people to embark on a journey together. And while the road might sometimes be bumpy and even uncomfortable, we never lose track of where it will lead us in the end.

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